Okay, I’m a huge fan of all things books but I’m not a hug fan of paying full price for them.  I’m known at my local library by the ridiculous amount of books I ask them to special request for me. I like to scan, skim or read a book from the library and then, only then, will I decide whether or not to make a purchase.  But of course it’s still hard for me to pay full price for any book.

My most recent discovery in regards to building my book collection is bookmooch.com or paperbackswap.com. Either of these sites allows you to list books and/or audio books that you are finished with and then trade within their sites. 

As part of bookmooch.com, you earn points when you:

  • Type books in: enter books you own and want to give away. Each book typed in gets you 1/10th of a point.
  • Give books away: respond to a mooch request, and send your book to them. 1 point awarded, 3 points if sent to another country.
  • Acknowledge Receipt: after you receive a book, leave feedback for the sender and earn 1/10th of a point.

You use up points when:

  • Mooching Books: each book you receive costs you 1 point, 2 points if it was postal mailed from another country.

As part of paperbackswap.com, you earn credits when you:

  • Type books in: enter your first 10 books and get 2 free books credits.
  • Give books away: earn 1 credit after you have mailed a book and the receiver marks it as received in the system.

You use up credits when:

  • Requesting a book: each book you receive costs you 1 credit.

Within either site, your only cost is mailing a requested book through media mail which is around $2.38, within the US.  I’ve done this countless times and have never encountered a problem. So for me and my book habit, $2.38 is the perfect price for a book that I have to have.