Do you know how hard it is to find a mint quote? This one if from Evan Esar and it sort of fits for the article but I got tired of looking for the perfect one.  I could really call it, “Want help mananging your money” but that’s not very creative. Anyway, my friend Lisa turned me onto this wonderful site called and for the first time in my life I am working with an actual budget.

As it states on, they download and categorize your balances and transactions automatically every day— making it effortless to see graphs of your spending, income, balances, and net worth. I already use online banking for everything from my checking, debit, credit cards, and paying most of my utilities but puts all my accounting in one place so I constantly have a quick overview of everything.  Money and Kiplinger’s magazines both rave about this site and it is safe & secure.

Overall it’s really make easy budgeting for me and allows me to easily see my spending as opposed to trying to keep every little receipt. However, what I’ve found with a budget is that you can accidentally go over it. Who knew? The lovely folks at will promptly send me an email letting me know that I’ve exceeded the “entertainment” or “coffee” category for that particular  month … helpful but hurtful. even has mobile access and an iPhone app to make it even more instantaneous.  Again, thanks to my friend Lisa for this fabulous site and if you have one that is making your life simplified, please let me know!