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Don’t Bug Me!

From where I sit, it’s finally getting warmer and I’m getting to enjoy my beloved outdoors. However, as per usual, the outdoors comes with pesky bugs and mosquitoes. I’m not a big DEET person, nor do I enjoy the scent of OFF which reminds me of  girlscout camp so here are a few of my favorite, more natural alternatives. offers these great Geraniol Insect-Repellent Wristbands. “Slip a band around your wrist, ankle or belt; encapsulated geraniol – a plant-based, odorless essential oil – creates an invisible shield around you. Each insect-repellent wristband is effective for up to 120 hours when stored in its resealable container between uses. A breakaway feature makes it safe for children. Set of 4 in assorted colors (let us choose for you). USA.”

Burt’s Bees offers an Herbal Insect Repellent that smells lovely as well as offers serious protection. “Our 100% natural blend of bug-fighting oils repels even the most stubborn of pests. Rosemary, Lemongrass, and Citronella oils mix with 5 other oils that bugs hate, creating an all natural solution for keeping them away. Since there’s no DEET in this formula, it’s safe enough to apply with confidence to children and pets.”

The Natural Store carries the Bite Blocker All Natural Insect Repellent Herbal Wipes. Read the rest of this entry


This week we had a piano recital and then had to go to Confirmation. My “big bro” Billy likes Mickey so I’m not speaking to him. Today I had to stay home because I was sick. I think I’m falling out of love with Jerry and in love with Joe.

Just One Click

Hmmmmm, whether to start with something self serving or selfless. Either way, one click can add up to something great. At some point in your past, I’m betting that you had the hunger site bookmarked. It was one of the first sites that made it extremely easy for you to do something good with just one click. If you’re like me, you haven’t thought about in a while so I thought I’d bring it back. If you haven’t heard about this site, it’s really as easy as it sounds. Go to, click a box and sponsors pay for cups of food to help fight hunger. While you are there, you can easily move about to other sites such as Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest and Animal Rescue, and again, with one click, you can bring support to a cause.

Taking things in a different direction is Swagbucks. is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called “Swag Bucks”, which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise. I type in whatever I’m looking for online, and with just one click, I can earn Swag Bucks. Now, it’s not every time but I’d estimate about 80% of the time, I’m online, I’m awarded. Then I can redeem them for giftcards, magazines, “eco-swag”, etc.

With both of these sites, and, one little click, over time, can add up to great things!

Big Small Town

Big Small Town … the perfect description for St. Louis & the perfect title for my latest blog highlighting some for my favorite local artists and creative minds. Okay, I admit I stole the title from one of these fabulous creative minds but it really fit perfectly. Even if you aren’t a native St. Louisian,  please keep reading as all of these artists can be shopped and shipped most everywhere!

Bill Michalski deserves all the credit for my latest blog title and for affectionately chronicling the curiousities of his native St. Louis for years at Big Small Town Designs. I’ve mailed his unique greeting cards and post cards to friends, family and framed a few of my favorites. There are birthday greetings, thank-yous but my favorite continues to be the holiday sampler. Big Small Town Designs can be found in a variety of St. Louis stores or are all available online.

For functional pottery and a little more, look no further than Yael Shomroni. I have been collecting and gifting pieces of her beautiful pottery for the last 12 years. Yael’s work can been seen at Craft Alliance, Krueger Pottery, and Vogel Studios in Artspace at Crestwood Court. Read the rest of this entry

Going, going GREEN!

Earth Day is just under a week away so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and offer up a few of my favorite green things. Greenfeet continues to be my favorite site for the absolute best variety of green products. Whether for yourself, your home or someone else, Greenfeet should be your first stop. The owner of Greenfeet says it best, “Living green is just a lot of common sense. Stop. Think. Live Consciously. You’re probably more eco friendly that you think. We just help make it even easier”. And with products such as the JOEmo Tea Brew Travel Mug (it will make you want to toss your other mugs in a very ungreen way), Stainless Steel LunchBot Snack Container, Ionic Laundry Ball, and Fire & Light Martini Glasses, going green has never been easier.

Looking for new ways to recycle? Start with your shoes. Nike Reuse-A-Shoe is where you can turn your old sports shoes into places to play. Read the rest of this entry


We all got in trouble at school today because we were making each other be our servants. I’m getting so sick and tired of being told what to do. Kim’s party was over the weekend and everyone was making out. Kim fell out of love with Sammy and is now going out with Doug. Jerry had to go to Indiana. Connie was going with Robbie but now they broke up. Stacey likes Lellan. I try not to like Jerry but I can’t help it.

“Find a need and fill it.” ~Ruth Stafford Peale

Each day, about 77 people receive organ transplants. However, 19 people die each day waiting for transplants that can’t take place because of the shortage of donated organs. If that’s not a need then I don’t know what is.

April is Donate Life month and I want to encourage anyone and everyone I can to sign up to become an organ donor. Many people I know have already generously signed the back of their Drivers License but, in many instances, that is not enough. If you don’t have your license with you, if you haven’t registered with your state, or if you haven’t had a conversation with your family, then your wishes may not be known.

If you are interested and you have a few minutes, take a look at the National Organ Donor site which can answer all your questions, link you to your state registry (where applicable), provide you with a down loadable donor card and even order a free organ donation awareness pin.

“Don’t take your organs to heaven with you.  Heaven knows we need them here”.  ~Author unknown, attributed to both Dan and Barbara Hladio and Thomas Boyadjis, Sr.

Word to the Mother

Since Mother’s Day is exactly one month away, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite sites or suggestions for the big day. In no particular order…

For the mom who loves her shoes or bags, check out the shoe wheel or iglu handbag holder at Rakku Designs.

If you are the child of a techno mom who ran right out and got herself an iPad, get her a beautiful iPad bag (they have ones for Kindle too) at Borsa Bella Bags.

Trying to wean your mom off bottled water, purchase her any (safe) straight sided, 1 liter water bottle and design for her a one of a kind bottle wrap. She’ll be the envy of all her walking, running or gym buddies.

If your mom has run out of ways or places to carry photos of her favorite child or grandchild, check out this hip photo cuff at Smoy. Read the rest of this entry


Friday night was Felicia’s party. I asked Jerry to dance and he asked me once. He, Cam and Joe didn’t leave until 11:45! Today Mickey and I went bowling and had tons of fun.  I sure wish Jerry would ask me to go with him, I like him so much! Kim’s having a party on Friday. I’m not sure if I want to go. Amy, Mickey, George and some others don’t. If Jerry goes, I’ll go.

It’s All in the Cards

I’m in a constant quandry between wanting to be more “green” but still not wanting to give up a few things that mean a lot to me.  One of those special things is sending cards…for any and every occasion. I can hear the trees screaming when I place my Christmas card order or get sucked into a hilarious card from Hallmark that must be sent but these following companies help me feel much less guilty.

Bloomin’ Flower Cards carries cards for absolutely every occasion and the actual cards can be planted to grow the most beautiful flowers. It’s the perfect way to send a card & flowers but for a fraction of the cost. The company is uber earth friendly as the cards are made from 100% post-consumer paper, soy-based inks, and organic pigments. I used this company for my wedding invitations over a decade ago and I still have friends and relatives that have wildflowers coming back year after year. If you are looking beyond cards, Bloomin’ Flower Cards also carries paper sheets, garden tags, bookmarks and you can even get a bloomin’ calendar or “plant me” gift bags.

Another company that is working to keep it green is Slingshot Cards. Read the rest of this entry