In my personal and professional life, I’ve always hated setting goals… “make sure they are measurable, quantify your efforts, show marked improvements”.  I also stopped setting new year’s resolutions about a decade ago. But there does seem to be some merit to (at least) putting something “out there” in regards to things you still want to do in this life. Everyone seemed to be creating “bucket lists” when the movie of the same title was released in the last couple of years, and I’m sure I could find a Facebook or iPhone app if I tried really hard.  

Body & Soul magazine published a really great article talking about this very subject and even created a template for your own life-list worksheet.  It also listed the following 5 Steps for Creating Your Own List:

1)      Think like a 7 year old

2)      When the list feels done, keep going

3)      Climb out of your sinkhole

4)       Cast a wide net

5)      Break it into pieces

If this is something that you’ve thought about creating, take a look at the article in its entirety or head straight to these following sites to put your own desires “out there”:, 43, or

And for the record, in no particular order, mine would include learning Spanish,  travelling to Holland and Greece, writing a book, purging or donating 1/2 of what I own, creating a signature cocktail, reading the Bible cover to cover, building a house, learning how to compost, becoming more passionate, living in an intentional community, advocating more for organ donor awareness, figuring out how this whole cooking thing works, and bringing manners back in a HUGE way.