Earth Day is just under a week away so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and offer up a few of my favorite green things. Greenfeet continues to be my favorite site for the absolute best variety of green products. Whether for yourself, your home or someone else, Greenfeet should be your first stop. The owner of Greenfeet says it best, “Living green is just a lot of common sense. Stop. Think. Live Consciously. You’re probably more eco friendly that you think. We just help make it even easier”. And with products such as the JOEmo Tea Brew Travel Mug (it will make you want to toss your other mugs in a very ungreen way), Stainless Steel LunchBot Snack Container, Ionic Laundry Ball, and Fire & Light Martini Glasses, going green has never been easier.

Looking for new ways to recycle? Start with your shoes. Nike Reuse-A-Shoe is where you can turn your old sports shoes into places to play. They use every part of your old shoes and turn them into Nike Grind, a material used in sports surfaces like tracks, playgrounds and gym floors. Also, Soles 4 Souls is where you can donate your “gently worn” footwear to people in need instead of throwing them away. The folks at Soles 4 Souls can save your shoes from early death by cleaning them and shipping them to needy people around the world.

Planet Green is a cable TV station, website and an tremendous amount of information and resources. Their videos are entertaining as well as eye opening and their articles such as “Green Ideas to Recycle for Your Next Event” and a game that helps you green your house keeps me learning without making me fee too overwhelmed…or guilty.

There are thousands of ways to go green and there’s still A LOT of changes I want to make myself. I need to figure out composting, walk more, cut down on my paper towel and napkin habit (at least they’re recycled paper) and I’m trying to embrace the handkerchief as my sister, Jacque, has. Snoop around in one of your parent’s house and see what you can find or check out for some lovely, organic, cotton reusable handkerchiefs.