Hmmmmm, whether to start with something self serving or selfless. Either way, one click can add up to something great. At some point in your past, I’m betting that you had the hunger site bookmarked. It was one of the first sites that made it extremely easy for you to do something good with just one click. If you’re like me, you haven’t thought about in a while so I thought I’d bring it back. If you haven’t heard about this site, it’s really as easy as it sounds. Go to, click a box and sponsors pay for cups of food to help fight hunger. While you are there, you can easily move about to other sites such as Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest and Animal Rescue, and again, with one click, you can bring support to a cause.

Taking things in a different direction is Swagbucks. is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called “Swag Bucks”, which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise. I type in whatever I’m looking for online, and with just one click, I can earn Swag Bucks. Now, it’s not every time but I’d estimate about 80% of the time, I’m online, I’m awarded. Then I can redeem them for giftcards, magazines, “eco-swag”, etc.

With both of these sites, and, one little click, over time, can add up to great things!