Okay, I admit it. I have an insecurity about cooking that I’m slowly working through but it’s so much easier to grab one of those Groupons and head out to dinner. However,  I’ve taken a few steps recently that have helped me work through all my “saved recipes” and has actually led to a few successful meals. I wouldn’t say that I love cooking yet but I don’t hate it either. Enough to possibly publish my own cookbook? Keep reading.

For ripped out recipes, I had a friend come over and she discarded any that looked too complicated for me (no offense taken), were too similar to another recipe and kept no more than 5 in each category. She directed me to try these recipes (that seemed so great that I had to rip out of a magazine or print offline) over the next few months and either toss or save. To save these, I’ve found that the best way is to use photo album pages in a binder. It protects them and is relatively easy to organize.

To save online, I really like recipezaar and allrecipes. Both allow you to join for free, search recipes and save your favorites in an online cookbook or recipe box. Members can rate and comment on recipes and for me, learning about the level of difficulty and time needed is key. However, my most recent favorite site is Tastebook. This site allows you to not only search, organize and share recipes but publish your own beautiful, hardcover 10 tabbed cookbook. (great gift idea) You are able to add your own personal recipes, upload photos, the works. I’d love to publish one entitled something like If I Can Cook It, Anyone Can for those of you out there that may be a little culinary challenged like me. If you have a recipe that you think would be perfect for such a book, send it to me and I’ll give it a go.