Sorry I haven’t written in so long but I’ve been so busy. The first swim meet is tomorrow and we may have a chance to win. Lately I’ve been doing well. Sometimes I even finish right behind Susie. Nancy gets so mad when I beat her. Noelle and I are getting mad at her. It’s always David, David, David. Speaking of mad, Amy and Michelle are at me. Amy thinks I said some things but I didn’t.  I’ll just have her to spend the night and we’ll work everything out. Kim said that she wanted to talk her family into joining the Club so she could see Sammy more. Well last week at Sally’s party I decided who I like? He’s going to be a 9th grader, taller than me and has a funny voice that I love…Bob Downs. I see him all the time at the Club and he’s on swim team. My big bro Billy is having girl troubles. He called last night and we talked about 20 min.