I’m not the person who has canned goods, water and an emergency kit stashed in my basement in case of disaster. Nor do I have a city evacuation plan like my sister who lives outside of NYC and I’m lucky if I can find a candle or flashlight when our electricity goes out. However, I stumbled across this site called Know Your Stuff that allows you to inventory your home & belongings that makes it really easy to plan for a worst case scenario…for free!

There’s a great “Guided Tour” and info about “Taking Inventory”that I suggest you skim before you get started. Once I was ready to go, it was easy to maneuver through the site and start putting it all together. A good digital camera is pretty essential to document possessions and it was the 100th reminder that I should keep more of my receipts so I could have accurate purchasing info to include with photos.

As with most services, there is an upgrade option for $5.95 a month for unlimited online storage, Know Your Stuff Safe and Free Online Computer Backup but I found the free standard option more than met my needs. Of course you can do your own photo inventory and store it on a USB in a lockbox but I found that Know Your Stuff made sure that this typically unprepared gal didn’t miss any steps.