I don’t quite remember when the phrase 24/7 entered into my vernacular but I probably overuse it as much as I do the word literally…literally. Wikipedia claims that there was a popular song of the same name in 1989 by Dino Esposito or another early known use of the term is attributed to Raymond Sandoval who first used 24/7 during a business presentation. Regardless, a new book by Laura Vanderkam called 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think is moving beyond the 24/7 day and moving us into the 168 Hour week.

images 168I’ll admit that I was equally intrigued and annoyed by the title. The last thing I need is someone else telling me how to better organize my time or my life. However, after getting past the Intro (skim it or skip it, ugh!), I decided that anyone & everyone could benefit from this book. Male, female, grad, Dad, corporate executive, stay-at-home mom…it’s an easy read that provides simple steps to assess how you spend your time.

I didn’t do an entire week but even after a 3 day review, Read the rest of this entry