Well Amy isn’t spending the night because of the fight but I don’t care. This summer I’m not spending the night with Mickey, Kim, Connie, Stacey and maybe Amy. Carrie just asked if I wanted to go to Indiana for a week. I might because Bob will be at camp.

Me again. Tonight was swim meet and we dogged them. Rooney spent the night with me. Tonight at the meet Bob and I had a real conversation. I was just a freaking. Jimmy Rhodes was there and saw me giving a mean look to David and started laughing. He’s so adorable but I like Bob. Bob has to get braces but that’s great because I do too in August. I really want to go to IN but I don’t want to miss a swim meet. We’re going to Lexington tomorrow. I hope Bob doesn’t go to the Club, I’m really getting hooked on him.