Everytime I turn around there is another list of (suggested) amazing items to make my summer most fabulous. Honestly a day that’s under 90 degrees and an iced coffee can go a long way with me but these fun finds are worth checking out.

The Ravi Wine Chiller tops my list as it instantly chills your wine from room temperature to its ideal serving temperature. Wine is cooled within seconds, just as it’s being served. Perfect when those unexpected guests drop by to enjoy the evening. However, if the weather turns rainy, pop up this very cool Color Changing Umbrella. These umbrellas come printed with special ink that reacts when it rains, white when dry, then comes to life when in contact with water.

For outdoor entertianing, serve snacks or fresh salads in these beautiful 3778859(unbreakable) Flowered Enamel Serving Bowls. For a perfect marinade or vinaigrette to top your salad, whip it up in this brilliant Shaker that has 5 easy pre printed recipes on the side. This odor resistant acrylic martini shaker was designed to do double duty. It can hold 16 ounces of your favorite drink after you mix up your favorite 300marinade. I also would love to showsae my fresh cut blooms in this stunning Magnetic Vase from Lichen Studio.  

If you are going to be outside and don’t want to lug heavy bottles of outdoor care with you,  La Fresh has come up with these easy to grab mini towelettes. They come in a SPF 30 sunscreen, a DEET free insect repellent, and an anti-bacterial wipe. Toss a few in your purse or pocket and you are ready to go. And what summer afternoon wouldn’t be complete without some ice cream. Zak brands has created this festive ice cream tub that will keep your ice cream cold for up to 90 minutes. Of course many of these would make a great hostess gift as well. Enjoy your summer!