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I can’t believe how busy its been. The Family Reunion at Mammouth Cave was a blast. All the adults and some kids were so drunk. We played sharades 32SWU7CAUPBLE9CASVUF17CALRAWKLCAAHM3PECA9Y0GROCAASJYZVCAV1URGACAF2977KCAIGK0X3CAVP3FCNCA0PLROJCAWHCGCRCAI5H0AOCAZYWZYCCARGGCR0CA3HRV8HCARHDJALCACPBN36CAFLQVA8and had a talent show. TJ and Berry didn’t go but it was still fun. Stacey and I got Captain of the Patrol and I’m the President of Mrs. Swift’s class. I think I like Bob again. Kim and I are always together now a days, I think she’s spending the night on Friday. I’ve made a schedule for myself, I hope I can follow it.

Pen to Paper

41rrqE7AECL__SL500_AA300_Is your family driving you nuts at the moment? Recently, I’ve read 2 moving memoirs that have made me appreciate my entire family in a completely new light. The Kids Are All Right (nothing to do with current movie out) and The Glass Castle, both told from the children – now adults – who were raised in the most challenging family situations, made my heart hurt.

Moreover, it made me reflect on my journal entries.  I’ve pondered the subjects that I chose to cover and what, if any, lessons I learned from keeping a diary for 10 years. I’m not sure why I stopped journaling, but these memoirs make me want to pick up the pen again…but I’m finding it tough to get started again after all these years.  


Fabulous photo by Duke

If you’ve had a hard time getting into journaling/writing as well, there are some great books out that help you reflect on the serious and the silly. The Listography Journal : Your Life in Lists asks you to list topics as, “Bad Things You Did As A Kid & Biggest Regrets”.  I recently took this book on a trip with girlfriends Read the rest of this entry

Want some PFOA with your dinner?

Even after looking, reading and researching over this past year, I’m still not sure what’s the safest way to cook. In our kitchen, we’ve got some well imagesworn non-stick pans, aluminum and even a piece of copper but I’m not a huge fan of any of them. And if you’ve read previous posts, you’ll remember I’m culinarily challenged so I’m always looking for simple and easy as well.

Most recently, simple and easy has been my non-stick pans but with conflicting reports about the safety & environmental concerns about perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)—also known as C-8—a chemical used to bond the nonstick coating to the pan, I’m looking to other alternatives. Eartheasy is a fabulous site and it has a spectacular blog about Healthy Cookware as well as my favorite site Both sites weigh out the pros and cons of every imaginable way to cook. colour_new_full_promo

In my latest dream kitchen scenario, I would inherit a few pieces of well cared for cast iron pans, be gifted a few pieces of enameled cast iron, such as Le Creuset, and become a master steamer with a sustainable and healthy bamboo steamer. However, I’m still tempted to try out these “new” (and easy) non-stick options called Orgreenic Kitchenware and GreenPan … I just can’t help it.

All She Does is Wine, Wine, Wine!

My friends like to tease me that I’m a seasonal wine drinker – white wine in warm seasons and red wine in cool seasons. Needless to say, I enjoy my wine and now more than ever I’m finding fun and functional accessories that I believe are worth sharing.

The Vinturi Red Wine Aerator breathes life into wines instantly, with or without a decanter. The simple act of pouring wine through the aerator ravi-wine-chillerincreases pressure as you pour, drawing in and mixing just the right amount of air to help wines open up to their full potential. I mentioned the Ravi  Wine Chiller in a previous post but I’m still a big fan of this great gadget that instantly chills your wine from room temperature to its ideal serving temperature.

What to do with all those corks? Turn them into a creative Trivet with this winecorkDIY-thumbnailgreat kit from Greenfeet or if you have a huge amount, send them to Yemm & Hart who are one of the few places that recycles them. My friend, Kristina, turned me onto the potpourriburners_2111_22951214Woozie, an insulated sleeve for your wine glass. They are made from neoprene and are stretchable, washable and reusable. They can be purchased from a variety of places online or locally here in St. Louis at Embroider the Occasion in Webster Groves. Perfect for these hot summer days & nights.

Many of the items mentioned here would be great gift ideas or think about “adopting a vine” for a special wine person in your life. Both Taylor Brooke Winery and St. Helena Winery both offer such programs. Cheers!


I went to the Fair and rode rides with Todd J, IV, Penny, Michelle, Eric and fair_logo1just about everyone else. I think Kim and Felicia were getting mad. School starts in less than 5 weeks. I got Mrs Swift for homeroom. So does Connie, Michelle, Dana, Jerry, Joe, Cam, Kerry and George. We beat Springfield again and I made up with Amy. Next week Bobbi is having a slumber party and inviting everyone but Kim. Doug and Sammy have been flirting like crazy at the pool. I think I may like Doug but I’m not sure.

What CAN You Do?

Did you know that for as little as $3, you can support a variety of causes chicken_thumbnailthrough Changing the Present such as providing a poor child with a chick and the feed needed to raise it which will enable him/her to produce eggs for the family diet and a way to earn cash that can be used to buy medicine and other basic necessities.

Did you know that for only $10 to Nothing But Nets, you can provide one net to a child in Africa which will create a protective barrier against mosquitoes at night, when the vast majority of malaria transmissions occur.

For a $20 donation to FirstBook you can provide 10 books to help a young reader from a low-income family have access to books and develop basic literacy.

You can also choose to donate $20 to the National Wildlife Federation which will assist with efforts on-the-ground to confront the impacts of the oil spill, as well as support the extensive network of volunteers that will support wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts and restore damaged coastal ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico.

$30 to Heifer  Read the rest of this entry

“When You Care Enough…

… To Send the The Very Best” used to be one of the most recognized slogans for Hallmark cards and I used to be really good at remembering birthdays and other occasions to send cards. Now-a-days I wait for facebook to tell me when there’s a birthday (or other important date) and I send a quick one liner but it seems far away from the time and care that I used to take in picking out the perfect card for someone.

So, I’ve come up with a compromise – ecards. There’s more thought than a one liner but I’m saving time, money and the environment but utilizing modern technology. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sketch29StoryPeople has a great site that lets you choose from Quick Cards where you can pick by theme or if you have a little time, you can Create Your Own and find the perfect story, put it with the perfect e-card & send it to the perfect person. Smilebox is another site that lets you create an ecard, add photo, music and email for free. Perfect for Thank Yous, Grandparent’s Day or any occasion!

If your (or the recipient’s) style is more lowbrow, check out Rattlebox that literally has an ecard/video that is called Party Till You Puke – enough said. Finally, my former coworker, Matt, first introduced me to some ee cards with a fantastic (borderline offensive) laugh-out-loud card. Their selection of flirting cards has the potential to make you blush and there is something for absolutely every occassion, including break-ups. So when you care enough to “hit send”, you’ve got a lot of choices in ecards.

Fresh or Foul?

imagesMy friends and family are going to be hearing a lot less from me now that I have found this practical and fabulous website called Still Tasty that lets you know the “shelf life” of your favorite food or beverage. You can browse shelf life information by categories such as vegetables, dairy & eggs, meat & poultry, etc. and they also answer questions such as “Is It Okay to Put Hot Food Directly Into the Fridge” and “How Long Can You Keep Thawed Ground Beef”? Essential information for this culinary challenged chicka.

To help you retain a longer shelf life from the beginning, Greenfeet has plenty of safe storage options such as this small glass container with glass lid or this set of 3 glass containers of varying sizes (easy nesting storage) with #4 plastic lids. However, my most recent favorite is this set of 4 Coverflex 51iZfpQ360L__SL250_Reusable Food Covers from Simple Ecology.  This amazing food cover is a great alternative to traditional throwaway products like plastic wrap, plastic bags and/or aluminum foil, which all present inconveniences beyond just being wasteful. These covers easily adapt to all types of dishes, bowls, pans and are safe for use in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave or oven.

Read the rest of this entry


We’ve been dominating at our swim meets. Last night we went to the Club to swim and hang out and  Bob was there. I really don’t think I like him but then I see him….Going to the Fair on Wed. logoTopI heard we are going to have coed PE next year which is going to be horrible. We ordered some new school stuff from Hang Ten, I can’t wait till it comes in.

Gettin’ Crafty with Lucy

Every morning I get up at 5:00 am to enjoy the quiet before the rest of the house gets up, and to work on adding to my virtual crafty collection filled with over 200 tutorials I’ve picked up from talented, frugal and funny people all over the blogosphere.  This collection includes the complex and useful like this Adirondack chair, 27829_392674644542_613094542_4117298_1175851_nand the quick, easy, and not as useful- like this little knitted mouse, to everything in between.  Which is why I’m loving summer…

Summer  hours seem longer and more plentiful and I’ve been taking advantage of this “extra time” to start crafting.  After one very expensive trip to Michaels, I decided I’d work on using materials I already own.  Here’s what I’ve been up to…

I wanted to start with something easy so I got hooked on making Origami Mommy’s tiny origami baskets, the perfect holder for little toys or a few pieces of candy.  Over at How About Orange,  there is a really good tutorial Magazine-bow-finishedon making gift bows from recycled magazine pages.  I am going to start stockpiling these Read the rest of this entry