41rrqE7AECL__SL500_AA300_Is your family driving you nuts at the moment? Recently, I’ve read 2 moving memoirs that have made me appreciate my entire family in a completely new light. The Kids Are All Right (nothing to do with current movie out) and The Glass Castle, both told from the children – now adults – who were raised in the most challenging family situations, made my heart hurt.

Moreover, it made me reflect on my journal entries.  I’ve pondered the subjects that I chose to cover and what, if any, lessons I learned from keeping a diary for 10 years. I’m not sure why I stopped journaling, but these memoirs make me want to pick up the pen again…but I’m finding it tough to get started again after all these years.  


Fabulous photo by Duke

If you’ve had a hard time getting into journaling/writing as well, there are some great books out that help you reflect on the serious and the silly. The Listography Journal : Your Life in Lists asks you to list topics as, “Bad Things You Did As A Kid & Biggest Regrets”.  I recently took this book on a trip with girlfriends and had a ball completing the lists together and finding out things I didn’t know about people I’ve known for over 30 years.  I picked up the book, All About Me about a decade ago, and it’s fun to go back and see what my answers are to statements such as “Someone who should not, under and circumstances, speak at my funeral” and “Three things you would never do”.  These are also great resources you can use to “interview” parents and grandparents and allow them to share new insights into their lives. Locally, all of these fabulous books can be found at my favorite indie bookstore, Pudd’nHead Books.