I can’t believe how busy its been. The Family Reunion at Mammouth Cave was a blast. All the adults and some kids were so drunk. We played sharades 32SWU7CAUPBLE9CASVUF17CALRAWKLCAAHM3PECA9Y0GROCAASJYZVCAV1URGACAF2977KCAIGK0X3CAVP3FCNCA0PLROJCAWHCGCRCAI5H0AOCAZYWZYCCARGGCR0CA3HRV8HCARHDJALCACPBN36CAFLQVA8and had a talent show. TJ and Berry didn’t go but it was still fun. Stacey and I got Captain of the Patrol and I’m the President of Mrs. Swift’s class. I think I like Bob again. Kim and I are always together now a days, I think she’s spending the night on Friday. I’ve made a schedule for myself, I hope I can follow it.