I wasn’t but I am now. MAGHOUND is a fabulous new online membership service that allows you to choose, change and manage all the magazines images 3delivered to your home. Select a tier package of 3, 5, or 7 magazines – with the option to add even more. So one month I could be perusing Better Homes & Gardens, Time and Consumer Reports for fantastic life simplified tips and a few months later switch it up to Food & Wine, Entertainment Weekly and Dwell.

You’ll find hundreds of other popular magazines to choose from. Search by category or look for magazine titles by name. Tier 1 (3 magazines) is $4.95 / month, Tier 2 (5 magazines) is $7.95 / month and Tier 3 (7 magazines) is $9.95 / month. There are no hidden commitments and no obligation to continue. If you are not satisfied with MAGHOUND for any reason, they will cancel your membership anytime, online, 24 hours a day, with no cancellation fees.

Looking for a gift? Anyone can purchase a Maghound Gift Membership for their friends, family, coworkers, children’s school teachers, BFFs and frienemies. The Gift Buyer simply purchases a desired dollar amount which is then applied as a credit to the Recipient’s account when the gift is redeemed. The Recipient gets to choose the number of magazines desired and the specific titles. Monthly charges are automatically deducted until the gift credit runs out. The length of the gift membership will be determined based on the recipient’s selections. MAGHOUND Memberships make terrific gifts since the Recipients always choose their favorite magazines; the Gift Buyer has no guesswork. Thanks Jacque for turning me into a MAGHOUND!