I don’t know what my facination with Christopher Marley is but I can’t get enough of him since I saw a story about him on CBS Sunday Morning. He’s Pheromonegot a great new book out called Pheromone that presents the compositions of his work: assemblages of real insect bodies that display brilliant color and otherworldly form. The colors are entirely natural, and to render the reproductions as accurate as possible some have been reproduced with fifth-color metallic inks and highlighted with spot varnish – absolutely beautiful.

I’m not a big bug person and, if anything, cause them great harm when I come in contact with him. But there is something beautiful that Marley pulls CM1from these creepy crawly creatures that is simply stunning. “I want to kind of juxtapose order and cleanliness and composition with the radical diversity of insects and their colors and their shapes and their patterns,” Marley says.

While some have been concerned about his method of collecting these insects, he responds, “The only way you can damage or really adversely affect an insect population is by destroying its habitat or destroying its host plant,” Marley said. “What we do is we go in and we cull a very few specimens. And that CM4gives an economic incentive to people to preserve their habitat. They’re making a living off of the standing rainforest, instead of having to develop it to make a living. And so, you’re actually preserving the species.” More information about Marley, his book and prints can be located through his website or pick up a copy of Pheromone at your favorite local bookstore.