Grandparent’s Day is September 12 and while I’m sure your grandparent(s) love getting that flowery, mushy, “you’re the best” Hallmark card, you may want to shock them by stepping up your game.

In the technology category, I’ve got the following suggestions …  TV Ears – I’ve TV earsgifted these twice and I’ve been told that they can save a marriage. If one person has a hard time hearing, they can use the TV ears at a louder volume so that the rest of the room can listen at a normal, even muted range. If your grandparent has a computer, download skype for them and show them how easy it is to virtually visit. Even 5 minutes/week can mean so much! If they are wary of computers, check out Celery. Not a great name but a good computerless email system that anyone can use.

In more traditional gifts, pick up a set of these State Dish Towels (gotta pen-fishing-rod_mainrepresent), Pocket Fishing Rod, Locklite Mini Key Torch (less fumbling in the dark), or this faux Unzippered Glass Bag to hold their favorite sweet treats. Tell Me a Story is one of my favorite grandparent’s journals but there are many of these to choose from. However don’t just send the book to them, set aside an afternoon (or two) and find out the answers to such revealing questions like “Where I grew up,” “Favorite Family Traditions,” “What I did for fun,” “My least favorite job,” “My favorite ice cream flavor” and “A place I would like to visit”.

Whether you choose a card, fun gift or plan an “experience” together, the most important thing is letting them know how much they are loved!