0US95LCAVHXJRACA7SWUCMCA5CDPZ8CAVBZQ3HCAR4HQAMCAJ8BZASCAZNADXSCAV370LLCAW0VHEVCA20JFBWCAF2BX2VCAE132DLCALZ2DKHCAOMJV5RCAI90S34CAD5B7DOCAIXBTCSCA08I35DCAV6N1V9Okay I can’t decide who I like. I think a lot of guys are cute and good looking but I’m not drooling over anyone. I got Dana and Cam together. I’ve lost some weight. I’m so happy. By next summer, I’ll be gorgeous! (Big Joke) Amy broke up with George and no one could believe it. She then decided she like Kerry and now they are going together. I don’t really see them together. I think I might like Jerry the best. No one is staying with the guys they used to like. Kim now likes Doug. Connie may have a party Friday and Kim’s is next week, I can’t wait. I hope I’m with somebody and it’s not just a make out party.