In my newsfeed today, I found this “call” to participate in the 30 Day Giving Challenge  from Mandi who blogs at Motherhoodyourway. Earlier this morning I had been perusing my “drafts” to see what shortcut, suggestion or solution I could offer to simplify lives on this first day of November but hadn’t zeroed in on one. This challenge really excited me so I spent some time thinking how I wanted to participate. (Free book giveaways – see more details below)

From Mandi – “The idea behind the challenge is simple. Each day in November, we will intentionally look for a way to give. It doesn’t mean you have to donate money all 30 days — or even at all. It doesn’t mean you need to spend hours volunteering each and every day this month — or even at all. Giving will look different for each and every person . The goal is just that giving is a mindset that doesn’t have to be limited by your available resources.

Bake cookies for a neighbor. Send flowers to an old friend. Mail a thank you note to your pediatrician. Give up your weekly (daily?) latte and donate that money to a cause. Go through your basement and pass items on to someone who could use it. Pick up trash in your neighborhood. Visit the local senior center. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Really, the possibilities are endless, and there’s no right or wrong way to participate.”

I’m going to talk with my family tonight and see how we can all participate in the giving challenge but for my “Life Simplified” folks, I will be giving away 1 book/day (via drawing) from the following titles that have inspired me and helped me simplify my own life.  Simply post a comment here or on the Life Simplified facebook page regarding creative ways that you choose to give or simply if you are choosing to participate in the 30 Day Giving Challenge.

Give A Little / In Praise of Slowness / Breakfast with Buddha / The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating /168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think /Mutant Messages Down Under / Angry Conversations with God / A Little Bit Wicked / The 5 Love Languages

Disclaimer(also borrowed from Mandi): You’ll notice that the tagline for the challenge is “Using social media to inspire extraordinary giving…all for His glory!” I am a Christian, but Life Simplified is not a  faith-based blog. There are plenty of other writers who share about faith, and for now I believe I am called to blog about living a life simplified.