Do you have trouble remembering to change the oil in your car or do other regularly scheduled maintenance? is a new free site that will automatically remind you, plus ballpark the repair costs for your vehicle. I first heard about this new site from Clark Howard on HLN who provides great tips on how to “save more, spend less & avoid getting ripped off”.

After a simple registration process of adding my vehicle, it provided detailed information regarding what would be upcoming in regards to “scheduled maintenance” and also provided information about any safety recalls.  While I’d like to trust my local garage to have my best interest at heart, it’s nice to have a back-up to double check their recommendations and “ballpark” out potential repairs.  There’s an especially great section that I have yet to tap into called “Ask Our Auto Mechanics – We pay for their advice so you don’t have to”.

For someone like me who abhors dealing with any car issues, this allows me to feel a little more in control.