I’m slow on the execution of resolutions each year and try to trick myself into making small changes which is actually the very same thing but it’s all in the way I present it to myself. My friend, Lucy, said she is committing to giving away something every day for all 365 days this year (from 365lessthings.com) Family Circle also published a good article this month on 18 Things You Can Get Rid of Today. I did make the statement that I wanted to “lighten up” this year (in a lot of areas) so this has become my starting place.

Since I’m already way behind Lucy, I started with the 18 things from Family Circle and so far so good. I’ve bagged up unwanted kitchen utensils, coffee mugs, plastic containers (I already tossed most of these a few years ago with all the BPA “leeching” and moved to glass), Little-Used Kitchen Stuff (goodbye bundt pan), vases ( do I really need more than 3), & food / spices (yikes, hello expiration 2008).

Multiple others I already stay on top of such as magazines (I trade my US Weekly and Entertainment Weekly with a neighbor for her Peoples’), mail (I read standing next to the recycling bin and stopped all the unsolicited mail through the DMA), kid’s clothes (we get hand me downs and keep handing them down), and kid’s art (they’re not all picasso’s).  Check out the rest of the list for yourself and let me know if you have additional suggestions to help me lighten my load.