As a parent, I was completely engrossed by this fascinating book that discusses one mother’s choice to raise her children in the Chinese way while surrounded by indulgent Western parents.  After working with college students over the course of 15 years, I’ve become intimately familiar with parents whose children received medals for participating in any sport, never had to resolve their own conflicts, and paving over any discomfort throughout their entire childhood.  So, some of her beliefs did resound with me.

I’ll admit that there were MANY parts of this book that made me uncomfortable, but I couldn’t put this brutally honest, yet humbling, memoir down. Amy’s forthrightness regarding her choice is made without apology, even when one of her two daughters begins to take an unwavering stand in favor of a more typical upbringing.

Over the course of the last few days, I’ve already heard multiple reviews of this book that attempt to reduce it to a simple argument:  Amy Chu’s way against every other parent in the world.   It is reminiscent of the tired, dated debate that pits  working  moms vs. those who stay at home.  Don’t buy into it-  you need to pick up this book for yourself.  I promise that it will create great discussions.  And like me,you’ll realize that the answer, like most things, lies somewhere in between.