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Not to be nitpicky but…

Sadie & I, treatment #2

Okay, I get it. Well we got it & now I understand it. Lice, nits – the whole works and I’m not confident that I’ll ever quit itching. After 5 days, 4 treatments and 17 loads of laundry, we’re all clear but that is something I never want to go through again. Because I didn’t get much direction from doctor or pharmacist, I’m going to save you a lot of time and tell you what worked and didn’t…for us.

  • Nix Lice treatment – it’s pesticide for your hair?!? Recommended by pediatrician, but not for me.
  • Fairy Tales Hair Care- great online video (including Step 3 which is pouring yourself a glass of wine), decent lice treatment but really like their preventive spray which I will use EVERY day for the rest of my life. All natural, organic.
  • Quit Nits – smelled the best but not most effective
  • Lice MDBEST for getting rid of lice & nits
  • Tiny teeth metal comb at drugstore, better than any ‘included’ combs
  • Use lots of clips, do very small sections, comb every direction & wipe comb every time

On the up side, I got some serious quality time with both my kids. BIG talks that might not have happened and a lot of movie watching while we literally went through each other’s hair with fine toothed combs again & again & again… (“So happy for my husband who has been travelling since the whole mess started”, said no one ever).

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER…Apparently none of the above completely worked but Lice Busters St. Louis did. Save yourself a lot of time, laundry and frustration by contacting them first. Wish I would’ve know about Lice Busters from the beginning. Thanks Libby & Susie.


What’s your time worth?

In one single encounter the other day, I believe that I made a choice that would make my mother & Laura Vanderkam proud, while simultaneously embarrassing my children (always a bonus). We were in the midst of another week where we all seemed to be running, coming & going. Recently I went back to work full time after 3 years of part-time work and we are all still adjusting.

While driving my daughter to soccer practice, I noticed a lawn care truck in front of a neighbor’s house. A seemingly nice man was putting away his mower when I shamelessly accosted him and asked if he had any time to cut our grass. Typically this falls into ‘husband’ category, not that this Kentucky girl hadn’t handled a SNAPPER mower on my childhood farm for MANY years, but said husband had been dealing with his own crazy work stuff and getting home late and exhausted. Lawn care is certainly not in our budget, but at this moment when our grass had gotten to an almost embarrassing level, I decided that I could shave some money from one budget line or work a few additional hours JUST TO GET IT DONE.

My kids says that in the heat of the moment that I told Ron Busken (Busken Lawn Care) that I loved him when he agreed to the task (I’m denying it) and off we sped to soccer. Read the rest of this entry