About me

Misc May 2009 005RiiiiiiiiP!

That’s the sound of me tearing out another article that I absolutely HAVE to save.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing, sharing and connecting people with great articles, ideas, and tips to help them simplify and enjoy their lives more.  I’m simply wired with a relentless need to share pertinent information that will help me or someone I know.

Now I’ve created an opportunity to share these with others.

Every blog that I create is not simply an opinion (okay, some of them are).  Most often, it’s something I’ve experienced, used, attempted, bought, or changed in my own life. I gather information from a wide variety of sources in order to offer a broad range of topics, all of which are centrally anchored in a theme of living life simplified.  

Some blogs will explain how to save time, while others will explain how to save money (and I’ll sneak a few in to save others or save the planet).  Additionally, I offer support and services in areas such as home organization, photo projects, small business support, and tailored gifts – another way to help simplify your life.

The bottom line is this:  Every day, we make hundreds of choices – and I like helping others make smarter ones. Whether for work, home or on the road, I love connecting people with simple ideas that make life easier.

Copy, comment, share and enjoy!