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Summer Reading

Heading out of town or simply have more time to read during these longer days of summer? Here’s my TOP 10:

1. Defending Jacob by William Landay – legal thriller that SHOCKED me

2. Divergent by Veronica Roth – if you loved Hunger Games, jump into this series

3. Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs – one man, 18 months of using his own body to test and try all fitness fads, ridiculously entertaining & informative

4. The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty – delicious historical fiction & USA Today‘s #1 Hot Fiction Pick for the summer

5. Before I Go To Sleep by S. J. Watson – creepy, creepy, creepy fantastic, kept me guessing till the end

6. In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin by Erik Larson – offers a fascinating window into the year when the world began its slow slide into war. Non-fiction that reads like fiction, unbelievable.

7. The Might Have Been by Joseph Schuster – baseball story that resonates with the pull of lifelong dreams, the stings of regret, and the ways we define ourselves against uncertain twists of fate

8. Spy School by Stuart Gibbs – perfectly fun & funny for elementary & middle school boys

9. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland by Catherynne Valente – full of oddments, adventure, whimsy, and joy for ages 10ish and up.

10. Life if a small-town girl – For some laugh out loud uncomfortable, ridiculous reading, check out my teen angst years


Changes at Life Simplified

Due to some good feedback, we’ve decided to continue journal postings on their own site and keep Life Simplified strictly for fabulous shortcuts, suggestions & solutions for keeping your life simplified. Continue to enjoy both sites and giving me such great feedback!


School is pretty boring but Connie wrote a note today with a lot of cuss words and Mrs Swift found it and she got chewed out big time. Jerry and I talked a lot today. Kerry is going to find out who he likes. Joe might like Connie. Stacey and I are becoming good friends. She’s wild. She’s going out with George. Kim definitely like Doug and Kerry is going with Amy and I also sort of think Kerry is really cute sometime –  Big trouble. Then I sort of like Jerry still. Oh, it’s such a mess. Why can’t life be simple?


0US95LCAVHXJRACA7SWUCMCA5CDPZ8CAVBZQ3HCAR4HQAMCAJ8BZASCAZNADXSCAV370LLCAW0VHEVCA20JFBWCAF2BX2VCAE132DLCALZ2DKHCAOMJV5RCAI90S34CAD5B7DOCAIXBTCSCA08I35DCAV6N1V9Okay I can’t decide who I like. I think a lot of guys are cute and good looking but I’m not drooling over anyone. I got Dana and Cam together. I’ve lost some weight. I’m so happy. By next summer, I’ll be gorgeous! (Big Joke) Amy broke up with George and no one could believe it. She then decided she like Kerry and now they are going together. I don’t really see them together. I think I might like Jerry the best. No one is staying with the guys they used to like. Kim now likes Doug. Connie may have a party Friday and Kim’s is next week, I can’t wait. I hope I’m with somebody and it’s not just a make out party.


School is such a drag. I think Doug is back at the top of the list again. If he and I and Kim and Sammy could all get together, it would be perfect. I talked to Sammy at the game the other night and told him to find out who Doug Kings Islandlikes. I also talked to Bob, Tony H, Chris H at the game but Doug was grounded. Friday Dana and I went to the movies and Jerry, Cam , Joe and Robbie were also there. Connie and Bobbi were too but they always hang out with the older guys. Saturday all the girls went to Kings Island which was fun. On the log rides, 4 guys kept staring at Kim, me, Stacey and Shandra. Later they wanted us to ride around with them. We said No Thanks.


images heartMy love life is hilarious. I sort of like Bob and Doug. Friday when Kim spent the night Amy called and said she was having a party that night. Jerry (he’s back in my life again) flirted with me and I flirted with him. We also danced so I sort of like him too. Connie is getting everybody mad.


I can’t believe how busy its been. The Family Reunion at Mammouth Cave was a blast. All the adults and some kids were so drunk. We played sharades 32SWU7CAUPBLE9CASVUF17CALRAWKLCAAHM3PECA9Y0GROCAASJYZVCAV1URGACAF2977KCAIGK0X3CAVP3FCNCA0PLROJCAWHCGCRCAI5H0AOCAZYWZYCCARGGCR0CA3HRV8HCARHDJALCACPBN36CAFLQVA8and had a talent show. TJ and Berry didn’t go but it was still fun. Stacey and I got Captain of the Patrol and I’m the President of Mrs. Swift’s class. I think I like Bob again. Kim and I are always together now a days, I think she’s spending the night on Friday. I’ve made a schedule for myself, I hope I can follow it.


I went to the Fair and rode rides with Todd J, IV, Penny, Michelle, Eric and fair_logo1just about everyone else. I think Kim and Felicia were getting mad. School starts in less than 5 weeks. I got Mrs Swift for homeroom. So does Connie, Michelle, Dana, Jerry, Joe, Cam, Kerry and George. We beat Springfield again and I made up with Amy. Next week Bobbi is having a slumber party and inviting everyone but Kim. Doug and Sammy have been flirting like crazy at the pool. I think I may like Doug but I’m not sure.


We’ve been dominating at our swim meets. Last night we went to the Club to swim and hang out and  Bob was there. I really don’t think I like him but then I see him….Going to the Fair on Wed. logoTopI heard we are going to have coed PE next year which is going to be horrible. We ordered some new school stuff from Hang Ten, I can’t wait till it comes in.


Today was the neighborhood parade and our picnic. I don’t think I like Bob anymore, he’s just not my type. I don’t like anybody! I can’t believe it. Noelle is going out with Chris O’Daniel (good taste). Ann and Carrie hung out all night together and got mad at Harriet and me. Who cares?