In this Lifetime

Bucket List, 43thingsbeforeyoudie, List of 100 Dreams – whatever you want to call it, this is mine. In no particular order & ongoing:

  1. Learn Spanish.
  2. Write a book.
  3. Remove the word should from my vocabulary.
  4. See friends more. -ONGOING  Sunday Suppers
  5. Find an exercise I enjoy
  6. Take a year off with kids to travel/educate on the road. – STARTED summer sojourns
  7. Learn to meditate.
  8. Become a better fiscal manager.
  9. See my extended family more.
  10. Let go of past guilt & hurts.
  11. Attend the Golden Globes hooplah!
  12. Learn to cook without a recipe.
  13. Attend the Sundance Film Festival.  DONE 01/2011
  14. Travel to Holland.
  15. Read the entire Bible.  STARTED
  16. Live as part of an intentional community.
  17. Find a cause or 2 to direct donations/time. ELECTED-Board Member for The Covering House, home for rescued girls of human trafficking.
  18. Acquire a signature scent.
  19. Own less stuff.
  20. Watch 15 independent films/year. Meh, doing about 5 or 6.
  21. Use my gifts for HIS good.
  22. Make romance more of a priority.
  23. Create our own family traditions.
  24. Figure out what to do with all my online photos.
  25. Become a better blogger.
  26. Stop making judgements.
  27. Read 1 book / week.  STARTED
  28. Stop my bad white lies habit.
  29. Write thoughtful letters.
  30. Build my dream home – or at least get a second bathroom. MOVED 3/2012 and got 2nd bathroom
  31. Learn how to compost. SON started us composting 9/2012
  32. Advocate more for Organ Donation Awareness.
  33. Find a way to bring manners back.