Pappa Don’t Preach!

If you’ve been stuck in the grilling and tie rut for the past few Father’s Day, here are some suggestions for this upcoming June 20th.

For the man in your life who enjoys his spirits, try these Eisch Vino Nobile Breathable Multi-Purpose Red or White Wine Glasses. A wine poured into a breathable glass for just 2 to 4 minutes will show signs of aeration equivalent to the same wine that has been decanted and aerated for 1 to 2 hours. For hard liquor, specifically bourbon or whiskey, try these fantastic whiskey stones that keep your drink cold and neat without ever getting watery.  “Have drinks with a cool story to tell” with these great recycled windshield beer or wine glasses. I’m also a huge fan of the book Barguments: a debate with no right or wrong answer that must be uncomplicated enough to discuss after three beers.

Got a sport’s enthusiast? Gift him 4 crazy golf balls that each do something ludicrous when you hit them; one blows up into a spectacular cloud of billowing white dust, one basically vanishes on impact into a watery mist, one ejects 15 feet of spiralling streaming ribbon when thwacked, and the last one simply won’t go in a straight line on the green. If he loves hoops then get him a picture frame, mirror or wall shelf all made from reclaimed gym floor decor. The cyclist? Check out this modern bike chain business card holder or if his sport is more mental, check out this LED light up chess set.

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Happy Birthday to You!

As you may have read on my previous post entitled Birthday Buddy, I’m a big fan of doing something altruistic or cause related in lieu of gifts. However, for those wonderful people in my life who insist that I give them an idea of what I’d like or some kind of wish list at Christmas time, I’ve discovered the ultimate Universal Wish List  from amazon.

Universal Wish List allows you to add products from any website to your Amazon Wish List with one simple click, making it easier than ever to keep track of all the gifts you wish for, all in one place. It’s easy! Simply add the Universal Wish List button to your browser, and start shopping. When you see something you’d like on any website, just click the Add to Universal Wish List button, and the item will appear on your Amazon Wish List.

So I can be in uncommon goods, I Want One of Those, Amazing Clubs or any one of my favorite sites and link a much loved item to my amazon account. Then, if your list is public or open to certain folks, they can know what you are diggin’ at any time. Of course this is fabulous for organizing favorites for others as well.

Don’t Bug Me!

From where I sit, it’s finally getting warmer and I’m getting to enjoy my beloved outdoors. However, as per usual, the outdoors comes with pesky bugs and mosquitoes. I’m not a big DEET person, nor do I enjoy the scent of OFF which reminds me of  girlscout camp so here are a few of my favorite, more natural alternatives. offers these great Geraniol Insect-Repellent Wristbands. “Slip a band around your wrist, ankle or belt; encapsulated geraniol – a plant-based, odorless essential oil – creates an invisible shield around you. Each insect-repellent wristband is effective for up to 120 hours when stored in its resealable container between uses. A breakaway feature makes it safe for children. Set of 4 in assorted colors (let us choose for you). USA.”

Burt’s Bees offers an Herbal Insect Repellent that smells lovely as well as offers serious protection. “Our 100% natural blend of bug-fighting oils repels even the most stubborn of pests. Rosemary, Lemongrass, and Citronella oils mix with 5 other oils that bugs hate, creating an all natural solution for keeping them away. Since there’s no DEET in this formula, it’s safe enough to apply with confidence to children and pets.”

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