I know that it’s not even Halloween yet but I actually saw Christmas decorations in a store today! This means that I will start to avoid malls at all costs and that (soon) a local radio station will be totally dedicated to holiday tunes. It also means lots of online shopping and I’ve found a way to save you money if you’re interested!

InvisibleHand is a web browser add-on which shows a  discreet notification, with a direct link, when the product you’re browsing can be bought for a lower price elsewhere. Recently when I was on amazon browsing for a kitchen gadget, InvisibleHand popped up with another site that had it for $7 less but I’ve seen larger items at more than a $30 savings. InvisibleHand  remains invisible until it finds a deal on a product you’re shopping for and unlike price comparison sites, InvisibleHand refreshes its prices every single time you use it.

InvisibleHand is 100% free, No Adware, No Spyware & No Malware. GIZMODO, cnet, and Mashable all highly recommend this great money saving tool. Check it out today and start saving from the moment you install it!