Happy Heart Day!

No matter to who or how you plan to say I Love You this Valentine’s, I’ve got some suggestions to hopefully make it your best yet.

For the tea/tea party lover, pick up a set of these beautiful ‘inside out heart’ cups from nordstrom.com.

For a dapper fella who’s always in a suit, gift these ‘suggestive’ collar stays which will keep him grinning throughout those long meetings.

For the book lover, a copy of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.

Locally, take your special someone on a Valentine’s Night Hike at Shaw Nature Reserve.

For the person who’s all business, this great Lifestyle File Tote is practical and with every purchase 25% will be donated to the American Heart Association.

Uncommongoods provides a fantastic Love Meter so that you are able to gauge your own “commitment level” and shop accordingly.

Last, but not least, consider the give of life and contact your local Red Cross to make a blood donation or head to organdonor.gov and register to be an organ donor.

How’s that New Year’s resolution going?

In my personal and professional life, I’ve always hated setting goals… “make sure they are measurable, quantify your efforts, show marked improvements”.  I also stopped setting new year’s resolutions about a decade ago. But there does seem to be some merit to (at least) putting something “out there” in regards to things you still want to do in this life. Everyone seemed to be creating “bucket lists” when the movie of the same title was released in the last couple of years, and I’m sure I could find a Facebook or iPhone app if I tried really hard.  

Body & Soul magazine published a really great article talking about this very subject and even created a template for your own life-list worksheet.  It also listed the following 5 Steps for Creating Your Own List: Read the rest of this entry