Ant Bully

I try to have an informal agreement with all insects … I will not harm you in your outside environment, but if you come into my abode, all bets are off.  However, the best thing for me is to try and prevent them from getting inside so we don’t have a problem in the first place. In the last few weeks, I’ve had multiple friends complain to me about ants. None of us want to get into heavy, toxic sprays so I tested a few organic remedies. formichina_architetto_fr_01

Natrual Remedies For ? is a great site for all things curative in the most natural sense and provides an arsenal of information about ants. After testing a few of their suggestions, I found the most effective (and easiest) to be: Cinnamon – To keep ants out of the house and/or garden, try sprinkling a bit of ground cinnamon about the base of the house & Plant Leaves – Scatter the leaves of penny royal, tansy, mint and/or bay leaves on the surfaces that ants frequent. Living consistently provides me with money saving solutions, and they also have a great section on ants. From their suggestions, I tried and had some success with the following: Vinegar – Wipe down your counter tops, cupboards and any other places where you’ve spotted ants with a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water. Repeat throughout the day to maintain the efficacy; Coffee Grounds – Sprinkle your used coffee grounds in the garden and around the outside of your house;  Cucumber/Citrus Peels – Leave the peelings in areas of known ant activity.

Let me know if you’ve had success with other natural remedies for the sake of ants everywhere!

When to Buy Organic

I know that it’s not quite Sophie’s Choice but if you are like me and struggle making the most basic food & health decisions sometimes, the following information will hopefully help.  The very nice people at  provides this great overall list to help you make the tough decision of what to buy organic or not. However,  if you click on the link above, they actually have a handy card (that is easy to download) called the “Dirty Dozen” & “Clean 15”. Keep this with your grocery list to make the best choice when purchasing your potatoes or tomatoes. Speaking of which, did you know that the U.S. Supreme Court settled the tomato fruit/vegetable controversy on May 10, 1893 by declaring a tomato a vegetable… but I find that the debate rages on. Read the rest of this entry