Gettin’ Crafty with Lucy

Every morning I get up at 5:00 am to enjoy the quiet before the rest of the house gets up, and to work on adding to my virtual crafty collection filled with over 200 tutorials I’ve picked up from talented, frugal and funny people all over the blogosphere.  This collection includes the complex and useful like this Adirondack chair, 27829_392674644542_613094542_4117298_1175851_nand the quick, easy, and not as useful- like this little knitted mouse, to everything in between.  Which is why I’m loving summer…

Summer  hours seem longer and more plentiful and I’ve been taking advantage of this “extra time” to start crafting.  After one very expensive trip to Michaels, I decided I’d work on using materials I already own.  Here’s what I’ve been up to…

I wanted to start with something easy so I got hooked on making Origami Mommy’s tiny origami baskets, the perfect holder for little toys or a few pieces of candy.  Over at How About Orange,  there is a really good tutorial Magazine-bow-finishedon making gift bows from recycled magazine pages.  I am going to start stockpiling these Read the rest of this entry

There’s Something in the Water

Well, there must be considering the amount of bottled water that we consume every day. Now hear me out, I’m a former bottled water addict and it’s taken a long time for me to change. One helpful shift occurred when a friend sent me this video from the great people who created The Story of Stuff. Give it a look when you have a chance or feel free to jump into other suggestions that I have below that can help ease you out of your addiction as well.

If you’d like to drink more tap water but are concerned about the quality of your water, visit the EPA’s Safewater site to see if your community’s Consumer Confidence Report is available. If you are somewhere that you are unsure of the water quality, try these new Bobbles.  Just one Bobble bottle 86636(with filter) is equivalent to 300 water bottles-that’s 300 plastic bottles that won’t go to a landfill! BPA-free, reusable and recyclable, the revolutionary Bobble offers a refreshingly clean taste with every sip, bottle after bottle. Filter lasts about 2 months.

The other great choice is the Vapur, the foldable, reusable water bottle designed to go anywhere. Unlike rigid bottles, Vapur greencan be rolled, folded or flattened when empty – easily fitting into pockets, purses, packs or briefcases. Read the rest of this entry

Going, going GREEN!

Earth Day is just under a week away so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and offer up a few of my favorite green things. Greenfeet continues to be my favorite site for the absolute best variety of green products. Whether for yourself, your home or someone else, Greenfeet should be your first stop. The owner of Greenfeet says it best, “Living green is just a lot of common sense. Stop. Think. Live Consciously. You’re probably more eco friendly that you think. We just help make it even easier”. And with products such as the JOEmo Tea Brew Travel Mug (it will make you want to toss your other mugs in a very ungreen way), Stainless Steel LunchBot Snack Container, Ionic Laundry Ball, and Fire & Light Martini Glasses, going green has never been easier.

Looking for new ways to recycle? Start with your shoes. Nike Reuse-A-Shoe is where you can turn your old sports shoes into places to play. Read the rest of this entry